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Yazd Gol aims to combine quality, beauty, durability and efficiency to meet requirements of the today's competitive market of the World making use of the state-of-the-art methods. The brand of Yazd Gold means innovation and change because of paying attention to creativity and innovation in all technical aspects in the design and manufacture of products. Yazd Gol, as a creative renowned industrial group, holding certificates from National Iranian Standard and construction licenses from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, has always tried to design and manufacture high quality and diverse products to satisfy and protect its consumers.
It is one of the glories of YadGol Industrial Group that it has received various certificates from local and international sources and numerous appreciation letters, such as:

1. World Quality Management Certificate from England in 1997.
2. Trade Comprehensive Management Certificate from Spain in 1998.
3. Quality Management System Certificate – ISO 9001.
4. Consumer Rights Observation Certificate from the Consumers.
   Protection Organization.
5. Standard Exemplary Unit Certificate from National Iranian Standard
   and Industrial Research Organization.
6. Exemplary Technical Manager Certificate from the Ministry of Health,
   Treatment and Medical Education.

Faith constitutes the essence of the management of Yazd Gol. Our management philosophy originates from our objective to progress and innovate...

Yazdgol Industrial Group is located in Yazd Special Industrial Zone. Yazd province is counted to be an important industrial pole of Iran because it has three...