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Yazdgol Industrial Group is located in Yazd Special Industrial Zone. Yazd province is counted to be an important industrial pole of Iran because it has three great industrial cities as well as more than 2400 manufacturing units. Furthermore, it is a tourist province of the country because of geographical location, enjoying unique architecture with old high vent holes as well as historical buildings.
Yazdgol industrial complex is comprised of three manufacturing units of Yazdgol, Mahtab Plastic and PartoNegahKavir. The first unit (Yazdgol) began its operation to manufacture various melamine dishes in 1991. The second manufacturing unit (Mahtab Plastic) and the third one (PartoNeghaKavir) were soon after operated to manufacture different plastic dishes and products because of the splendid success of the first unit and study of needs and demands of the market.
Currently, the three mentioned units are operating round the clock (in three shifts) on a vast land of several hectares. As the investors and management of the factories were the same, the said complex was named as "Yazdgol Industrial Group" and all products manufactured in any one of the three units were supplied to the market with the trade name (brand) of Yazd Gol.

Faith constitutes the essence of the management of Yazd Gol. Our management philosophy originates from our objective to progress and innovate...

Yazd Gol aims to combine quality, beauty, durability and efficiency to meet requirements of the today's competitive market of the World making use...